Traditional Curling Rules

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Mixed Doubles Curling

Mixed Doubles is played by two players. One male and one female on each team. Both teams play five stones each and start every end with one stone that has been pre-placed, so the maximum amount of points in each end is six.

In most ends, the pre-placed stones, will be positioned so that the team with last stone advantage (hammer) will start the end with one stone at the back of the four foot circle. The team without the last stone advantage, will start with a centre guard.

The new addition for 2016 is ’Power Play’. This means that both teams have the right to use a ’Power Play’ once in every game, in an end where they have last stone advantage.

When a ’Power Play’ is being used, the pre-placed stones will be moved out to one of the sides, and placed as a corner guard and a stone behind it, with the back of the stone against the tee line.

Important rules to remember in Mixed Doubles Curling:

1)     The first take-out is allowed with the fourth stone played in each end

2)     Before that, teams are not allowed to hit either their opponents or their own stones out of play

3)     If an end is blanked (neither team scores), the team that delivered the first stone in that end shall have the decision on placement in the next end

4)     Teams have 22 minutes of thinking time each

5)     Games are 8 ends long, with an extra end played to break ties.

Sturling Curling

The key elements of a game of sturling are as follows:

1)      All games are six ends.  In case of a tie, an extra end is played with each player delivering 3 stones.

2)      The two delivering players alternately deliver 6 stones each per end, while their teammate skips that end.  Roles are then reversed and the partners deliver the stones back.

3)      One member of each team stays at each end of the rink and must not cross centre ice.

4)      No stones may be removed from play prior to delivery of the fourth stone of each end.

5)      Sweeping is allowed only from the hog line to the back of the house at the playing end.

6)      All stones must be released before reaching the hog line, and with some part of the stone within 2 feet of the centre line.

Apart from the above, the other rules and etiquette of regular curling apply.