Instructional Leagues

Five-Weeks, Thursdays at 7:00pm (90 minutes)
New instructional leagues begin January 9, February 6, March 5, and April 23.
$100 per person

Our instructional leagues are designed for those who have tried the sport, but aren't quite comfortable jumping into one of our established leagues. Each week we will mix teams, and each team will have an instructor guiding the players through the game, addressing delivery, sweeping, and strategy. These leagues each run five weeks, and the cost is $100 per player, accepting up to 8 players per league. Please don't worry if you have to miss a week or two—just let us know which weeks you'll be absent.

Social Leagues

Four weeks, Saturday mornings at 8:45am (90 minutes)
Next league begins October 5
$100 per person

The social league is a chance for curlers to get to meet and play with others that are interested in the sport. Every week, you will draw for a team and position. The idea is that everyone gets a chance to not only play with a number of different people but also the different positions of a curling team. If you aren't comfortable playing a position (say skipping a game) don't worry, discuss with your team, or take this as your chance to learn. This is a chance for curlers of every experience level to get to enjoy something new every week.

Round Robin Leagues

Eight to ten weeks, Sunday nights at 7:00pm (90 minutes)
Next league begins October 27
$200 per person or $800 per team

The round robin leagues can be joined as a team or as an individual, and players will stay on the same teams for the duration of the league. League standings are announced each week. Each team will play against each other team at least once, and then face off in playoffs and a championship game.