Round Robin Leagues

Sunday nights at 7:00pm
Leagues begin October 27, January 5, March 15
$200 per person or $800 per team

The round robin leagues can be joined as a team or as an individual, and players will stay on the same teams for the duration of the league. League standings are announced each week. Each team will play against each other team at least once, and then face off in playoffs and a championship game. Anyone wishing to curl in the round robin league must have attended at least one learn-to-curl or have some prior curling experience.

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League begins October 27

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Round Robin

Team 4 5-1
Smooth as Ice 4-2
Burning Down the House 3-3
On a Broom and a Prayer 0-6


1st Place (Team 4) vs. 4th Place (On a Broom and a Prayer) 9-8
2nd Place (Smooth as Ice) vs. 3rd Place (Burning Down the House) Burning Down the House wins on Skips' stones

Championship Game

Team 4 5
Burning Down the House 6

3rd Place Game

Smooth as Ice 10
On a Broom and a Prayer 1