At this time, NO curling activities are scheduled due to the pandemic. Should we resume curling, please refer to the below guidelines for your and others’ safety.


At the Rink

  • Do not come to curling if you have any known Covid-19 symptoms.
    Please be sure you are obeying all current health guidelines as recommended by the State of New Mexico. This includes obeying the mandatory 14-day quarantine if you visit most other states. Do not come to curling if you have been to any of these states within 14 days.
  • Outpost Ice Arenas is checking temperatures at the door. Please comply with all Outpost Ice Arena health guidelines.
  • Please arrive prepared to curl to avoid locker room use. Bring your shoes and change quickly and away from others.
    In compliance with the New Mexico state health order, everyone must wear a mask indoors, including while curling. Masks may be removed briefly to drink water.
  • Only those who are curling are allowed (no spectators). A minor may have one parent or guardian present.
  • During ice prep and teardown, maintain 6 feet of distance and wait in the hallway if others are in the freezer room.


On the Ice

  • Masks are required.
  • Refrain from physical contact with other players.
  • Instead of the traditional handshakes, we tap our brooms together or “air high five” so a safe distance is maintained.
  • Handle only the rocks assigned to your position.
  • Refrain from sharing other equipment (brooms, sliders, stabilizers) if possible.
  • We recommend one sweeper for each shot. The second sweeper should walk with the stone at at a safe distance, and participate in timing and communication with the skip.
  • The opposing skip should not sweep stones in the house unless 6 feet of distance can be maintained.
  • One of the vices will be assigned to handle placing the score on the scoreboard for the entire game.



  • Cleaning solution and paper towels are available to wipe down your rock handles and equipment.
  • We recommend leaving your curling gloves on to touch any door handles or ice prep equipment.



  • If you test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of participating in curling, please notify the president of the board by emailing immediately, so that other curlers can be notified and asked to quarantine.
  • Roadrunner Curling will NOT disclose who has tested positive, only the date at which curlers could potentially have been exposed.
  • Outpost Ice Arenas will also be notified of the result so that they can disinfect and ask their employees to quarantine if necessary.
  • Roadrunner Curling will thoroughly disinfect all curling equipment before the next use.


If you are unable or unwilling to follow the above guidelines, you may be asked to leave.

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