Instructional Leagues

Instructional League

  • Five Thursdays in October – November, 7:30pm
  • League begins October 14
  • $100 per curler
  • Capped at 8 participants

The instructional leagues are designed for those who have attended a learn-to-curl class but would like some time to develop their skills before joining a regular league. Players register for this league as individuals, and teams will be random each week. Each team will have an instructor guiding the players through the game, addressing delivery, sweeping, strategy, and etiquette. Time is also set aside each week for curlers to practice their delivery as well. 

These leagues are capped at 8 participants. No prior experience is required.

All the equipment you need—rocks, brooms, stabilizers, sliders, and so on—is provided; no need to purchase anything!


On-ice instruction begins with delivery drills to help with balance and accuracy, along with some time for practice. Each week, you will learn more skills to improve your delivery, sweeping, and strategy. As the league progresses, more and more time will be spent on actual gameplay, with randomly selected teams each week. You will have the opportunity to try out each position on a team—lead, second, vice-skip, and skip—and your team’s instructor will walk you through the responsibilities of each position. You are encouraged to stop the play at any time to ask questions or for pointers.

Off-Ice: Introduction to the curling sheet and curling ice, safety, and basic etiquette
 Stance in the hack, balance, and line
Sweeping: Safety, mechanics, and basics of weight judgement and communication
Pace of Play and Etiquette: Team positions and responsibilities, being ready for your shots, and what to do when the other team is delivering

Off-Ice: Rules, the Free Guard Zone, and when rocks are in play, guards/draws/hits, where you can sweep, and scoring
Balance, line, release and follow-through
Sweeping: Review of safety and holding the broom, and basic sweep commands
Two Ends of Gameplay: Participants will be randomly divided into teams, each with an instructor to coach

Off-Ice: Weight zones; Strategy: Hammer and basic end goals
Review of hack stance, balance, line, release, and follow-through; Beginning weight adjustment
Sweeping: Weight judgement and communication
Strategy: Basic ice reading
Two Ends of Gameplay

Off-Ice: Beginning strategy examples, reading your teammates and your opponents; Time for any other questions
Review of all elements previously discussed; players not delivering walk along with the rocks to practice judging weight.
Four Ends of Gameplay

No instruction.
Participants are divided into teams for a full game! Instructors will still be present to answer any questions and give delivery and strategy coaching.

Register for September 2021 Instructional League below.

This league runs on Thursdays at 7:30-9 pm (subject to change).

October 14
October 21
October 28
November 4
November 11

Cost is $100 per curler, due on the first week. Refunds are not offered for weeks missed (please contact us if you must drop out of the league).

If you are able, please stay after our ice time to discuss some more details about curling, including strategy, etiquette,  communication, and more. We will also answer any questions you might have about the sport.

**Note: if you are part of a group, please have each member register individually in order to guarantee them a spot.

Registration for this league has closed.

Beginner Round Robin

  • Six Weeks, TBD
  • $TBD per curler
  • New leagues begin TBD
  • Must be a member of USCA for personal insurance (more info)
  • Roadrunner Curling Club membership included
  • Limited to those with one year or less of experience

The Beginner Round Robin League is scheduled to run sometime in spring 2022. This league is designed to get new curlers playing league-style games and making friends.

All curlers join this league as individuals, and teams will be formed by the league manager. After three games, the teams will be randomly reshuffled so everyone gets a chance to meet and play with others. Everyone is required to skip at least one game during the course of the league.

Each team will be paired with a more experienced player who will coach strategy, and depending on the number of teams and participants, each team may have an experienced player playing at the third position (TBD).

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