Roadrunner Curling Club offers a variety of styles of recreational leagues, all of which are open to all levels of play. All of our leagues, including mixed doubles, are open to any combination of genders.

All draws, unless otherwise noted, are 6 ends or 90 minutes. If interest demands, a later draw may be added to the Round Robin League.

Due to Covid-19, no leagues are currently scheduled. See below for our typical schedule.

Please note that while we strive to provide consistent and convenient times to curl, we are tenants of Outpost Ice Arenas and the times we can curl are subject to their availability.

Instructional League

Instructional leagues are designed for those who are new to curling. The first portion of each draw time is dedicated to practicing delivery and learning the basics of sweeping, strategy, and etiquette. Each draw finishes with a mini-game. These leagues last 5 weeks.

  • Thursdays, 6:30pm
  • Who can join:
    Individuals who are new to curling (teams will be random each week)
  • Only USCA membership is required


Brunch Club League

Each week, players will draw for a random team and position. This is a great league for curlers of any level to get to know new people and gain experience playing the different positions on a curling team. We usually head out to brunch afterwards. These leagues last 4 weeks.

  • Saturdays, 8:45am
  • Who can join:
    Individuals of any level. (teams will be random each week)
  • Roadrunner Curling Club and USCA membership required (click here to join)


Round Robin League

Each team in this league will play against each other team at least once; if the schedule allows, top seeded teams may face off in playoffs and a championship game. There are typically three of these per season; Fall, Winter, and Spring. These leagues last 8-10 weeks.

  • Sundays, 7:00pm
  • Who can join:
    Teams or individuals of any level (after completing a Learn to Curl session)
  • Roadrunner Curling Club and USCA membership required (click here to join)


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