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Learn to Curl Session

Our hour-long Learn to Curl sessions address the basics of delivering a stone and sweeping. The class wraps up with a quick game so you can try your hand against your fellow Learn to Curlers.

October class schedule (Thursdays at 6:30pm):

October 7
October 14
October 21
October 28

Classes are limited to 10 participants. 


Instructional League

Looking to dive in deeper? In this five-week course, players are divided into teams, each with an instructor who will guide you through the ins and outs of delivery, sweeping, strategy, and etiquette. In the final week, you’ll play a whole 90-minute game.



When you arrive at the Outpost Ice Arena, head past the skate rental counter to the table with the curling sign. There you can check in with a Roadrunner Curling Club representative, sign our waivers, and pay (if you haven’t paid online) Then head downstairs to the Training and Curling Rink (“tunnel”).

During an Open House, each participant will be coached on how to deliver and release a stone, and will have an opportunity to try to get their rock all the way to the house.

In an hourlong Learn to Curl session, you will also learn how to safely walk alongside stones to sweep them, and will be taught the basics of strategy, rules, and scoring. The ends of these sessions are reserved to play a quick “end,” or a miniature game against your fellow Learn-to-Curl participants. Everyone is invited to socialize with club members afterwards! (Time and location for this varies.)

Please dress in warm, flexible clothing and wear clean, rubber-soled shoes such as running or tennis shoes. Jeans are not recommended, as you will have to be able to comfortably do a lunge. You may want to wear gloves or a hat if you get cold easily; the air temperature in the rink varies between 40º—55ºF.

While curling is a relatively safe sport, ice is still very slippery and there is some risk of a fall. While falls are unlikely to result in serious injury, some curlers opt to wear helmets or other protective headgear to mitigate the risk of a concussion. While we do not require it, if you would like to wear a helmet or other protective headgear you’re welcome to do so (we are unable to provide any).

Nope! Roadrunner Curling Club owns everything you need to get started. We even provide teammates!

Many people, when they decide they want to curl regularly, purchase their own shoes and a broom, but most of our club members use our brooms and sliders for leagues and other activities.

Nope! Curling shoes are flat-soled sneaker-style shoes. The sole of the non-dominant shoe is smooth, slick Teflon, and the sole of the dominant shoe is grippy rubber. Curlers cover the Teflon side with a rubber gripper when they aren’t delivering a stone. If you are just learning to curl, however, we provide a step-on slider for delivery and you will wear your own tennis shoes.

YES! Curling is an excellent sport for all ranges of ability. If you think you may not comfortable delivering a stone from the sliding lunge position, we have delivery sticks available so that stones can be delivered standing or from a wheelchair.

Click here to see an example of standing delivery. 

Click here for an example of wheelchair delivery.

Curling truly is a sport for everyone! We have had club members from ages 16–83 but younger or older are welcome.

If you (or your child) is under 18, a parent or guardian must be present to sign our waivers. We recommend that your child be at least 3 feet tall and be able to push about 45 lbs, but anyone is welcome to try!

Once you have completed a learn-to-curl, you’re ready to join a league! We offer several five-week instructional leagues throughout the year, which allow new curlers to get more acquainted with delivery, sweeping, strategy, and etiquette. All of our leagues are open to all levels of play, however, so if you’d like, you can jump right in to one of the regular leagues once you have attended a learn-to-curl session!

Nope! While you can join our Round Robin League as a team, most of our leagues are designed to be joined as an individual. If you would like to play in the Round Robin League and don’t have a team, don’t hesitate to register and the league manager will fit you with other friendly curlers to create a fun and balanced team.

If you have friends you would like to play with, you can register with them for the Round Robin Leagues or enjoy any other league with them, though you may be mixed to separate teams sometimes.

Open House Registration

No Open Houses are scheduled at this time. We plan to schedule these for Winter and Spring 2022. If you would like to learn in the mean time, please register for one of our hour-long Learn to Curl sessions.

Learn to Curl Registration

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